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A Brief Guide to Hood’s in Salwayash, Dorset, UK for Short Stays

Hood’s offers some of the best self-catering accommodation in Dorset. To turn off the road to Bridport, grass growing on a lane made for horse carts, is to step out of frenetic modern life into a blissful rural retreat.
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Discover 10 Serene Escapes within a Short Drive from Melbourne

Melbourne’s allure is undeniable. Close to the city, visitors can also enjoy beautiful sceneries and serene getaways on the Great Ocean Road, the Yarra Valley, High Country Victoria, and Mornington Peninsula to name a few.
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5 Mediterranean Locations Perfect for a Romantic Honeymoon

As a luxury villa company, The Thinking Traveller knows a thing or two about the perfect honeymoon destinations. With properties in some of the Med’s most sought-after locations, they have seen countless newlyweds start their lives together in style.
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