Discover the Top 7 Breathtaking Photo Spots in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are a destination that has long captured the imagination of travelers from around the world. Known for their unique wildlife, pristine beaches, and stunning natural landscapes, the islands are a paradise for those seeking adventure and exploration.
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Exploring the Wonders of the Ecuadorian Amazon: Essential Activities to Experience in South America’s Paradise

Have you ever wondered where in the world there is the most biodiversity? The Ecuadorian Amazon offers one of the most beautiful and special ecosystems in the world, with various species of flora and fauna.
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Discover the Exciting Highlights of an Amazon Riverboat Cruise in Ecuador

Winding its way through nine nations and across the heart of South America, the mighty rivers of the Amazon make for the ultimate expedition in a near-mythological realm of unimaginable biodiversity and fascinating cultures.
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Explore Quito During Your Galapagos Islands Layover: 10 Engaging Excursions

Much more than a jumping-off point on your visit to the famed Galapagos Islands, the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito is undoubtedly one of the top up-and-coming travel destinations in South America.
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Discover the 7 Reasons Why Quito is a Must-Visit Destination and the 3 Best Places to Stay

The city of Quito is the capital of Ecuador, with wonderful landscapes, surrounded by the Andes Mountain range, home of some of the most historic events not only in Ecuador but also of all South America, cradle of brave men and women.
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