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Tips for Budget-Friendly Eating Across Different Countries

Food is such an integral part of so many cultures that to skip out on meals when you travel is to miss a huge part of traveling. I’m always disappointed when I meet travelers who cook all their meals in a hostel kitchen. It is possible to eat out on a budget, and I’ll show you how!
But many travelers have a valid concern when it comes to food — eating out all the time is expensive.  Imagine if you ate out every day — your food budget would be astronomical!
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Understanding the Nature of Travel: A Brief Reflection

Posted: 2/20/2023 | February 20th, 2023 Traveling the world is like becoming a child all over again. You don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to function. How do you stay safe? How do you get around? How do you communicate? What are the cultural norms you have to follow? In each […]
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